Whispering Bell been offering Financial Advisory Services for nearly a decade, supporting multinational corporations, regional companies, and private equity firms in multiple dimensions of their investment decisions. We help our clients gather and verify the key financial, market and operational data required to support their financial valuation and due diligence processes. We have in the past supported well-known corporate and investment clients seeking to invest in the oil and gas, manufacturing, power, technology, telecommunications, transportation, infrastructure, and healthcare/pharmaceuticals industries, among others. Our support also often crosses jurisdictional borders and spans the Middle East and Africa regions. We often win with clients who need our specific capabilities to gather hard-to-access on-the-ground information from local sources, often in local languages - information that is often obtainable no other way.

Importantly, our support does not stop at gathering of information, as we have the analytical depth and understanding to put the information in context and perform the financial analysis necessary to make it applicable to our clients. This means that a valuation or business or operational assessment performed by Whispering Bell will have additional insight gleaned from the local context. The local context can be anything from a well-founded assessment of the political, social, cultural and business risk around an investment to an adjustment to the simple financial metrics that may not apply in the specific target frontier market.

Our information capabilities depend on our region-spanning network of researchers and analysts experienced in working among hostile markets and failing states, as well as our robust cyber forensics capability. These complementary capabilities mean that we can access information and provide evidentiary insights where others cannot – and often piece together a complete picture that either capability on its own would not deliver.

Our services include:

  • On-the-ground market sizing, overview, and competitive breakdown
  • Sector topography and trends
  • Deal sourcing and origination
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Market entry
  • Business plan validation

In the recent past, we have performed financial advisory work in all countries of the GCC, as well as Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia to name a few.

For more information on our financial advisory services, please contact Whispering Bell at [email protected]