Whispering Bell has more than 8 years of extensive work in supporting international investors in their entry into the emerging markets. With offices in the UAE, Libya, the United States and Bulgaria, Whispering Bell provides market research, business intelligence, and deal sourcing services to investors and corporations in the world’s most challenging emerging and frontier markets. Whispering Bell provides competitive insights that allow our clients to mitigate risks, identify opportunities, and optimize decision-making. Our specialty involves the ability to gather difficult to reach on-the-ground information in multiple markets with multiple local languages highlighting key investment opportunities and thematic strategies from the region’s impenetrable, yet high growth markets.

Market entry research involves thorough analysis and collection of localized quantitative and qualitative information on a specific industry/geography, that is used in order to identify and define market opportunities, competition, key challenges, barriers, and all relevant factors that are important in deciding the viability of entry into the target market.

Given the lack of transparency, and publicly available information on markets, counterparties or corporate entities throughout the emerging and frontier markets, international investors find that market entry is a complicated process that requires a ground level understanding of the local culture, business and ethical behavior, and local business regulations and practices.

Whispering Bell can support you throughout all stages of the market entry process. Our on-the-ground information collection and support network ranges through the value chain of a particular deal or transaction, and focuses on providing actionable information to corporations involved in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. The majority of our clients are regional PE funds, multinational corporations, or international investors investing and operating throughout these markets.

With a continued focus on marrying up on-the-ground collection with country and region-wide support, our services include:

  • Top level macro-economic market surveys for industries/geographies
  • Market sizing and topography
  • Deep dive analysis into various sectors or sub-sectors
  • Peer/competitive market surveys
  • Third party/independent valuation of assets or companies
  • Potential partner/distributor identification
  • Capital raising support
  • Risk assessments, contingency planning, continuity of operation planning, etc.

In the recent past, we have worked on market entry support in all countries of the GCC, as well as Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Libya and the CIS; in industries ranging from healthcare, to education, to real estate, to energy, to oil and gas, to transportation, to law, to hospitality, to telecommunications —and a number of others.

For more information on our market entry services, please contact Whispering Bell at [email protected]