Dubai Expo 2020 Business Framework and Opportunities


In the years leading up to Expo 2020, Dubai will be required to upgrade its infrastructure to accommodate the millions of people expected to attend the event. The most recent estimates indicate Dubai will receive approximately 25 million visitors, all of whom will require hotels, transportation, utilities, and entertainment/leisure facilities, in addition to accommodating the already growing Dubai population. Dubai is seeking to enhance its international profile and reputation. By embarking on massive infrastructure projects and tourist sites ahead of Expo 2020, the event will leave its mark on visitors, observers around the world and result in a legacy highlighting Dubai as a major international tourism and business hub focused on the future.

The 13-page report includes:

  • Map of the key infrastructure projects related to Dubai Expo 2020
  • Key Entities/Organizations related to Dubai Expo 2020
  • Dubai Expo 2020 Framework and Key Stakeholders
  • Details of major Infrastructure projects
  • Dubai-expo-2020


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