Business opportunities tied to the Qatari World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has sparked a profusion of new projects. Not only must new sporting facilities be created to enable the large number of simultaneous matches to be held, but all manner of existing Qatari infrastructure must be upgraded in anticipation of the massive crowds that will come to view the games, eat, drink and sleep in the country and visit local tourist attractions between games. Thus, while many projects are new, other already-planned upgrades have been accelerated and scaled up.

  • We found projects across the board, whether in hospitality, transport into and around the country, or water, electricity, sewerage or other resource infrastructure, and more are being tendered all the time.
  • We have counted at least $80 billion in projects just enumerated in this paper, with the names of the prime and subcontracting entities, and we believe that there are perhaps as many other projects yet to be bid or that we have not specifically enumerated.
  • We do, however, lay out the structure of the governing entities and overall approach so that interested companies in the infrastructure, construction, logistics, architecture and procurement industries will find it easy to insert themselves into the evolving market.


A 15-page report prepared by Whispering Bell Middle East Business Advisory team. A team comprised of passionate security, risk management and market entry specialists, focused on delivering business advisory solutions.


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