The India-Iraq Relationship

The India-Iraq Relationship June 2016

In our most recent report, we examine the bilateral India-Iraq relationship, delving into the history of the political relationship as well as the current trade and investment relationship. We examine the historical India-Iraq relationship, bringing it up to date with recent statistics and a selection of case studies, in order to offer some recommendations to companies looking to profit from that relationship. As might be expected, today the relationship is mostly focused on India’s imports of Iraqi crude oil and Iraq’s imports of food, construction products, and technology from India. And in general, that relationship has been most successful when focused on trade and commerce, rather than investment, as the few examples of cross-border investment flows (Indian investment in the Iraqi energy sector) have not been extremely successful. As a result, this 12 page report concludes in discussing how we expect that India will continue to be a source of Iraqi product and service imports, and Iraq will continue to be a strategic energy supplier for India’s growing energy needs.