Iraq Budget

Infrastructure Map of the UAE 2020

A free to Download report that will provide insights to encourage international companies to enter the UAE infrastructure market.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most business-friendly countries in the world. The country is open to foreigners and strives to create an environment that is favorable to foreign investment and economic growth.

Special Report

Assessment of IED/VBIED trends across Libya

Whispering Bell’s Special Report explores trends in IED/VBIED usage in Libya. The report is based on extensive data, dating back to 2013, gathered by Whispering Bell. The report provides an analysis of IED/VBIED attacks, including motives and success rates, in Tripoli and other parts of the country. The report also contains an assessment of common trends in IED/VBIED usage based on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and includes future capabilities to carry out such attacks.

Special Report

International funding to rebuild Iraq

This briefing is written by Whispering Bell to provide a summary of international efforts to rebuild Iraq, including the following:

  • Pledges made to Iraq from major countries and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs);

Iraq Budget

Libya IS activity in 2018: trends and outlook

The following report provides an in-depth overview of IS-related activity recorded in 2018. The report analyses the group’s modus operandi in Libya and explores potential triggers that could enable IS to transition from a near-dormant to a more active threat in the medium/long term.

Iraq Budget

Iraq Budget, War and Reconstruction August 2017

Iraq’s parliament (the Council of Representatives – CoR) approved its 2017 budget on December 7, 2016, after a long, contentious debate and the withdrawal of multiple parliamentary blocs over disagreements. The 2017 budget reduces Iraq government spending by about 5% compared to 2016’s budget. Total expenditure was set at $86.3 billion (100.7 trillion dinars), with the Iraq government projecting total revenues to reach $67.8 billion, based on an average price of $42 per barrel and exports of 3.75 million barrels per day (bpd). Besides the reduced spending plans for 2017, the government expected a deficit of $18.6 billion for the year. However, on the positive side, the Iraq government expected USD 9.5 billion, or IQD 11.1 trillion in revenue to come from non-oil revenues. At about 14% of total government revenue, this is on the high side among oil-driven economies, signaling that Iraq has a substantial “real” economy even though it is still heavily oil-dependent. This 10 page report will inform its readers of the following: Status of Iraq Budget as of August 2017 War Costs in Iraq Budget Iraqi Debt Status Reconstruction Requirements and Budget Major Reconstruction Projects