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Whispering Bell has been providing security services in Libya since the 2011 revolution and has maintained full time client operations and an expatriate presence over the last 9 years at a time when many of our competitors have withdrawn. From our operations centre in the west of Tripoli, our expatriate management team oversees client
projects across the country, from Benghazi and the oilfields in the east, the central and southern regions and throughout the west of the country and the capital.

Our 24/7 monitoring centre is the central hub of our operations in Libya. We have also built up an impressive infrastructure network of both armoured and soft skinned vehicles, multiple tracking platforms and devices, VHF and satellite communication networks, ballistic protective equipment, warehouses, safe houses and client accommodation. We also have a first in class risk reporting team who support on the ground operations with continuous threat monitoring as well as daily and weekly
analytical reporting.

But the main factor in our success has been the quality of our local staff who have all undergone progressive training and mentoring programmes by our expatriate staff and external trainers. We are proud of our commitment to our staff and the very low level of employee turnover is testament to our success in retaining the most talented
individuals in the sector.

We have supported and continue to support a diverse range of clients with security solutions that allow them to work safely in Libya. From secure journey management teams to guarding offices and key installations; provision of tactical risk assessments to physical assessments of hotels and offices; due diligence investigations and partner vetting; extraction of rigs and equipment from the oilfields to support with the bureaucracy of importing project critical equipment; Whispering Bell continuously rises to meet the challenges that could so easily hinder our clients’ business in Libya.

We acknowledge that Libya is a complex and high-risk environment in which to do business, but the testimonies of our clients show that we can provide the support and
protection needed to not just survive in Libya, but also to thrive.

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