Hiring Infosec Professionals: Experts on the Key Traits in 2016 & Beyond

By Ellen Zhang
May 31, 2016

23 Information Security Leaders Reveal the Most Important Traits for InfoSec Pros in 2016

As businesses across all industries, from healthcare to law and government to finance, continue to realize the importance of sound, proactive security practices in the modern threat landscape, InfoSec professionals are becoming more and more in demand. With the ever-growing volume of data created by both consumers and organizations in addition to security perimeters that are all but impossible to define, today's InfoSec professionals are faced with a monumental task.

When hiring for InfoSec positions, companies are looking beyond the standard requisite knowledge and are instead seeking versatile professionals who are up-to-date on the latest security threats and technologies. They are seeking eager individuals with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. InfoSec professionals must have the ability to lead and work compatibly with geographically dispersed teams composed of members with varied technical aptitudes and knowledge bases.

The bar has been set high, so how do companies determine which characteristics to prioritize when they're hiring InfoSec professionals? For the growing community of InfoSec professionals, knowing the traits and abilities currently in high demand can help to guide their continuing education plans and inform their future career paths. To shed some light on the subject, we asked a panel of Information Security professionals and industry leaders this question:

"What are the most important characteristics of a great InfoSec professional in 2016?"

We've compiled their responses to create this comprehensive guide outlining the most important characteristics for InfoSec professionals. See what our experts had to say below: