Whispering Bell provides information security services to counter the new generation of threats. Our team provides consulting throughout the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA), with expertise acquired through working with both government agencies and Fortune 500 clients.

Whispering Bell takes an approach to security that starts with one harsh reality: a dedicated attacker, with enough time and resources, can and will penetrate even the most secure network. We address this challenge using a combination of techniques, assessing your systems from the perspective of an attacker, designing systems that both detect and deter attacks, and creating an infrastructure that mitigates any potential damage.

We expose threats with the purpose of strengthening our clients’ defenses. Identifying threats, closing gaps and addressing security shortfalls, ensures that our clients are best prepared against imminent threats.

We offer the following services:

Intelligent Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing

Vulnerabilities, either disclosed or undisclosed, exist in all information technology systems. The key is to manage this risk. Whispering Bell does so through intelligent vulnerability management. Our approach begins with preventive measures to ensure an organization’s defenses are resilient, multi-layered and reactive to attack. Our penetration testing, security architecture review and vulnerability assessment services provide the starting point for designing and implementing a solution that will address both today’s attacks and the emerging threats of tomorrow.

Once a solution is designed and implemented, our training services provide our clients with the knowledge transfer and skills updates needed to keep pace with rapidly evolving threats and our policies and procedures development services ensure that thorough planning and organizational systems are in place to address contingencies that will eventually arise.

Strategy and Governance

Whispering Bell understands that while deploying the correct technology to defend your systems is an important step, the processes and controls that govern the way your business is run form the backbone of any successful strategy. Through years of working across regional and business verticals, we also understand that not every company is the same and that processes and controls need to be written for the company in their respective jurisdictions. Whispering Bell works hand in hand with its clients to assess the requirements from a corporate, legal and regional perspective to ensure the security strategies and governance reflect the actual needs.


Strategy and governance

Risk Management

At the same time as companies expand their presence across the physical and virtual world in order to increase business opportunities, they risk exposing gaps in their systems which could lead to significant losses. Our tried and tested risk management methodology expands upon international standards, going beyond simply identifying critical assets, employees and information sources. We tailor processes to meet your needs and to provide a seamless handover to your in-house experts, ensuring a best-fit for your operations.


Testing Services and Process Control

With increasing numbers of companies seeing security as a competitive advantage, effective testing and process control is a key tool in maintaining competitiveness and sustainability. Through proactive testing of your environment it is possible to ensure that any technology bugs or errors are detected. Whispering Bell has built a trusted name in testing services, with our solutions securing financial benefits to our clients through value add and reduction of losses. Our process control teams bring together over a decade of hard earned experience across industries in the MENASA region.

 Testing Services and Process Control
Operations and Project Management

Operations and Project Management

Whispering Bell retains an unrivalled network of technical security professionals who can lead your security efforts or work in partnership with your existing in-house capability. Regardless of the size and complexity of the cyber issues you are facing, we can bring to your organization the specialist skills in the most cost efficient manner. Our focus is expanding your ability to counter your current cyber issues and leaving your organization better prepared for future threats.

Incident Response

While our preference is to expose vulnerabilities before attackers do, our expertise is all too often applied after the event.

When a network has been breached, either due to inadequate planning or through the use of undisclosed vulnerabilities by a dedicated attacker, incident response protocols are implemented. Our Incident Response Team is deployed and works to immediately identify and address the sources of harm and the extent of damage.

After any incident, the data collected during the response provides immense value by allowing us to see what failed, why it failed and what techniques the attacker employed against the client’s defenses. Analysis of this data allows the feedback loop to be closed, as the information gained by an effective response is fed back into the preventive measures and used to enhance the network defenses.


Investigations and Forensics

Investigations and Forensics

Cyber security threats in the region are more diverse and complex than ever before, with threats emanating from not only amateur hackers and criminal syndicates, but also competitors and external government agencies. Whispering Bell constantly monitors local and global landscapes to gain a better understanding of the new threat vectors being used. In the case of an investigation, having this prior knowledge helps our engineers to quickly diagnose potential issues.

Our forensic services team members come from UK and US law enforcement backgrounds and can deliver services ranging from a simple forensics investigation to the building of complex labs to support ongoing projects.

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