Whispering Bell was founded on the belief that we can create the best business-driven solutions for security and risk management needs throughout the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

Established in 2009, Whispering Bell rapidly expanded its offerings across the region in support of oil and gas, critical national infrastructure, energy, telecommunications and government clients in complex and high-risk environments. The British and Arabic origins of our company have afforded us the flexibility and cross-cultural understanding necessary to develop long-term, sustainable solutions for our clients. Our primary objective is to provide a quality service delivered on time and within budget.

Bassam Ghellal

Managing Director

Bassam leads strategy and directs all business development at Whispering Bell and is the company’s founder. He has worked within the industry for the last 13 years and was initially based in London, but moved to the UAE in 2004 to be nearer the opportunities the market offered and also to capitalise on his unique cultural and linguistic abilities. When employed as a Group Security Manager for a Gulf-based conglomerate, Bassam felt continuously frustrated by the impersonal approach to relationship management and templated solutions offered by the larger risk management consultancies. He set up Whispering Bell to be an agile organisation that values individual relationships with its clients and provides bespoke answers to every project. This partnership approach has been embraced by the security management community and is an endorsement of Bassam’s vision. As well as being a graduate of business management and marketing, Bassam is an expert on the security and political environment in Libya.

Bassam Ghellal Managing Director

David Michaux

Director, Technical Security Services

David leads Whispering Bell’s commercial expansion into the information and technical security sector. He is focused on building strategic alliances, identifying new technologies and implementing large-scale cyber security projects. He brings with him 14 years of entrepreneurial experience in the Middle East, having founded and sold his own IT consulting company before joining Whispering Bell in 2009.

David Michaux Director, Technical Security Services

Marc Josselin

Operations Director

Marc directs Whispering Bell’s physical security consultancy division and is responsible for overseeing the delivery of client projects across the MENASA region. At the board level, he advises on corporate risk strategy, country policy best practices and operational procedures. He has worked in the Middle East for the past ten years holding senior positions in leading risk management companies and has extensive on-the-ground experience in hostile environments across the region. Marc is a former British Army Infantry officer and holds a degree in modern languages.

Marc Josselin Operations Director

Kyle Stelma

Director, Advisory Services

Kyle has worked with CitiGroup in Mumbai performing financial consulting for Indian conglomerates and later with a management consulting firm on private equity transactions in the Middle East and South Asia. Kyle focuses on building our capabilities in Iraq and Syria. He directs our efforts to deliver on our vision of building the leading advisory service in the region.

Kyle Stelma Director, Advisory Services

Matthew Sinkez

Risk Advisory Services, Lead Analyst

Matthew manages our information services division, overseeing the production of political and security risk reports for commercial clients throughout the MENA region. He works closely with the Whispering Bell operations team in Libya to disseminate accurate and timely information to clients in high risk environments. His other efforts include growing Whispering Bell’s regional network of contacts, as well as the identification and acquisition of new business opportunities. An Arabic speaker and graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, Matthew has lived and worked across the MENA region for more than four years.

Matthew Sinkez Risk Advisory Services, Lead Analyst

Georgi Moskov

Head of Security Assessment and Technology

Georgi is our information security expert, and leads the Whispering Bell Bulgaria office. Georgi has amassed 15 years of IT security experience in several of our key industries, including banking. telecommunications, aviation and oil and gas. Georgi is responsible for researching and developing security assessment techniques for Whispering Bell, and manages our larger IT Security Projects. His specialities include security design, network infrastructure review, penetration testing, networking design and implementation.

Georgi Moskov Head of Security Assessment and Technology

William Watts

Director of Operations, Business Advisory Services

William has over 20 years experience developing corporate finance and business strategies across a range of businesses. He worked as a Wall Street equity analyst for Salomon Smith Barney, before being recruited by a client, Storage Technology Corporation, to serve as corporate strategy director. After Oracle Corporation acquired StorageTek, William moved to the UAE to advise clients across the finance, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and technology industries. After four years in Dubai, William is now based in Washington DC, where he splits his time between business development and continuing to serve clients.

William Watts Director of Operations, Business Advisory Services

Loubna El Hassan

Manager, Market Research

Loubna had several years of experience in investment banking and financial derivatives pricing in New York, Beirut and Dubai, before joining the advisory services team at Whispering Bell. Loubna focuses on managing and conducting market research projects, commercial due diligence and feasibility studies for international investors and multinationals looking to enter the MENA region. She also works on building business development and analyzing market conditions to develop trade promotion plans in the region.

Loubna El Hassan  Manager, Market Research

Our Team of Consultants and Associates

We are comprised of passionate security and risk management professionals, specialising in integrated physical and technical security solutions. We carefully select consultants with impeccable reputations for service delivery, enabling us to structure projects around international standards, local perspectives and industry best practices. We will not send a generalist to carry out a specialist task.

Whispering Bell’s consultants are industry leaders in their respective fields and have included:

  • Former US intelligence officials holding key roles in government
  • A technical intelligence expert who has worked closely with UK and US government intelligence agencies
  • A former head of UK National Counter Terrorist Training Program
  • A technical communications expert with mobile intercept capability
  • Retired Special Forces operators from various NATO armies
  • Retired European intelligence agents with unique technical and interpersonal skills

  • A former World Association of Detectives Investigator of the Year
  • A former UNOPS Middle East Director
  • Security Engineers who have worked for leading global banks and iconic developments
  • Former members of FBI IT Forensics team
  • Former heads of Security at International and National Oil Companies

Join the Whispering Bell team

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What’s in a name?

The Whispering Bell (Emmenanthe penduliflora) is the phoenix of the plant world. It germinates in recently burned areas, and is therefore common in regions prone to wildfire. The plant produces yellow or pink flowers and fruit. It rises out of the barren, destroyed land.
Like our namesake, we strive to be an agent of renewal, and promise of new growth, in the regions where we operate.