Litigation Support

Whispering Bell is experienced in supporting legal firms and their clients in gathering and verifying data and evidence for litigation and due diligence purposes.

Our robust cyber forensics capability, coupled with a network of researchers and analysts experienced in working among hostile markets and failing states, means that we can access information and provide evidentiary insights where others cannot.

Litigation Support

Our services include:

  • Evidentiary support
  • Computer and IT device forensics
  • On-the-ground data collection through the Middle East and Africa
  • Asset tracing
  • Third party valuation
  • Commercial due diligence, by ‘piercing the corporate veil’
  • Partner vetting

Case Study

Whispering Bell was tasked with identifying the assets held or controlled by a businessman wit current litigation ongoing out of London. Whispering Bell was able to identify beneficial ownership of unreported properties and stakes held in an unreported holding company domiciled in Mauritius through close family members.