Country Risk Ratings

  • Overall
  • Political
  • Security
  • Operational

Whispering Bell has been involved in Iraq for over 8 years now; providing weekly/monthly political and security updates for multinationals in country throughout the duration. Whispering Bell also has performed 100+ market-focused projects in country for regional and multi-national corporations looking to better understand the market, regulatory, competitive, and sub-contracting landscape of the country as well. While the majority of projects have been conducted in Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, and Erbil; Whispering Bell has conducted projects in the majority of Iraq’s governorates.

As this country has been in a state of continuous transition for well over 10 years now, Whispering Bell focuses on providing corporations and investors with comprehensive solutions that address both the political/security risk needs, but also the market/financial implications of activities in country as well.

As such, the types of services that we provide in country are as follows:

  • Political and security risk advisory
  • Market research, commercial due diligence, partner vetting and feasibility studies
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Secure journey management and in-country facilitation
  • Embedded security consultants
  • Technical and information security services