Market Advisory

We are committed to helping senior management identify and mitigate potential core business challenges. This commitment has shaped our values and professional practices throughout a number of key geographies, particularly in the MENA region. We have worked on many projects undertaking commercial analysis, on-the-ground data collection and business analysis, to more concretely understand the value and long-term viability of our clients’ prospective new business ventures.

Market Advisory

Our services include:

  • Market entry and market topography research
  • Competitive assessments
  • Third party valuation
  • Business plan validation
  • Deal sourcing and origination

Case Study

Whispering Bell was asked to perform a target identification and subsequently third-party valuation and competitive analysis of an IT consulting firm in Istanbul for a regional operator. In response, our client acquired the target company and was able to leverage a competitive bid given their in-depth understanding of the target company’s price point in the market and strength of their sales pipeline.