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About Us

Established in 2009, Whispering Bell has rapidly expanded across the Middle East and North Africa region and now provides security and risk mitigation support to clients from the oil and gas, critical national infrastructure, energy, telecommunications, maritime, aviation and government sectors in complex and high-risk environments.

The British-Arab origins of our company have afforded us the flexibility and cross-cultural understanding necessary to develop long term and practical solutions from our clients. We are comprised of passionate security, risk management and financial professionals, specializing in integrated physical and operational security solutions with a core focus on service delivery.

By listening to our clients’ needs and sharing our experience, each one of our solutions is unique and built around the specifics of the country, sector and people within the client’s organization.


What’s in a name?

The Whispering Bell (Emmenanthe penduliflora) is the phoenix of the plant world. It germinates in recently burned areas and is therefore common in regions prone to wildfire. The plant produces yellow or pink flowers and fruit. It rises out of the barren, destroyed land.

Like our namesake, we strive to be an agent of renewal, and promise of new growth, in the regions where we operate.

Our team of consultants and Associates

We are comprised of passionate security and risk management professionals. We carefully select consultants with impeccable reputations for service delivery, enabling us to structure projects around international standards, local perspectives and industry best practices. We will not send a generalist to carry out a specialist task.

Whispering Bell’s consultants are industry leaders in their respective fields and have included:

  • Former US intelligence officials holding key roles in government
  • A technical intelligence expert who has worked closely with UK and US government intelligence agencies
  • A former head of UK National Counter Terrorist Training Program
  • A technical communications expert with mobile intercept capability
  • Retired Special Forces operators from various NATO armies
  • Retired European intelligence agents with unique technical and interpersonal skills
  • A former World Association of Detectives Investigator of the Year
  • A former UNOPS Middle East Director
  • Security Engineers who have worked for leading global banks and iconic developments
  • Former members of FBI IT Forensics team
  • Former heads of Security at International and National Oil Companies