Due Diligence & Investigations

Informed decision-making is key for any organization looking to enter new markets or considering a strategic business opportunity. Our team of professional investigators has extensive experience in delivering on the ground results to multinational corporations and individuals across a number of critical areas including; asset recovery, financial investigation and integrity due diligence.

Working with regional assets, the team has led major national and international fraud and financial investigations, managed highly confidential enquiries and due diligence projects throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas and has extensive experience partnering with clients from the banking, investment, and insurance sectors.

Due Diligence & Investigations

Our services include:

  • Corporate investigation and due diligence
  • Asset tracing
  • Beneficial ownership
  • Company and key personnel reputational assessments
  • FCPA and Bribery Act assessments

Case Study

An international pharmaceutical company contracted Whispering Bell to investigate the possible illegal importation of medicine into a Gulf country, culminating in a report of findings based on site visits, procurement of samples and analysis of identification numbers and packaging materials.