Whispering Bell has a number of years of experience in supporting legal firms and their clients in gathering and verifying data and evidence for litigation and due diligence purposes. Primarily with the largest local law firms in the GCC, or with international firms out of New York and London with regional headquarters in the UAE, Whispering Bell has supported law firms involved in complex and multi-jurisdiction litigation or arbitration cases throughout the MENA and Sub Saharan African regions. Our specialty involves the ability to gather on-the-ground derived information from difficult to reach jurisdictions or with difficult to reach entities in multiple markets with multiple local languages.

Litigation support comes in many shapes and sizes, and is highly dependent upon the specifics of the particular case, trial, or engagement—but at its core revolves around the ability to perform market research and investigations to identify particular pieces of information that are specifically utilizable within a legal context. Such pieces of information could be made up of market-related information that provides context to a particular legal dispute, or made up of beneficial ownership information to help provide clarity who a counterparty or claimant might be, or perhaps information gleaned from a series of interviews conducted in another jurisdiction with a particular supplier, or regulator, or competitor.

Given the lack of publicly available information on both markets, counterparties, or corporate entities throughout the emerging markets, parties involved in legal disputes are often at a severe disadvantage in this same markets without an ability to overcome an information asymmetry that their opponents often have. We find that a large percentage of our clients are international firms operating in the Middle East or Africa for the first time, or GCC-based clients operating in new markets for the first time (Ethiopia, or Iraq perhaps), and don’t have the same access to hard data that their opponents do. In a world where Bloomberg services or Lexis Nexis searches rarely have actionable information—there exists a distinct need to be able to gather locally accurate information yourself. We can support you with your informational needs.

As such, our robust cyber forensics capability, coupled with a network of researchers and analysts experienced in working among hostile markets and failing states in addition to the main markets of MENA and Sub Saharan Africa, means that we can access information and provide evidentiary insights where others cannot.

Our services include:

  • Evidentiary support
  • Computer and IT device forensics
  • On-the-ground data collection across the Middle East and Africa
  • Asset tracing
  • Third party valuation
  • Commercial due diligence, ‘piercing the corporate veil’
  • Partner vetting

In the recent past, we have worked on legal disputes in all countries of the GCC, as well as Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, and Kenya; in industries ranging from real estate, to energy, to oil and gas, to transportation, to telecommunications, to pharmaceutical production—and a number of others.

For more information on our litigation support services, please contact Whispering Bell at [email protected]