Whispering Bell has been providing risk advisory services in Lebanon since the 2014 and has maintained full time operations across the country over the last 2 years, supporting a diverse range of clients. Whispering Bell provides risk reporting and market advisory services to multinational corporations and international investors operating in Lebanon. We provide both strategic and ground-level information, enabling stakeholders to mitigate risks, identify opportunities and optimise decision-making through a regional network of on-the-ground service partners and contacts. Whispering Bell has been operating in and collecting data from emerging and frontier markets for the past 7 years. We are staffed by people who live and work in the region, understand the culture and speak the languages of the countries in which we report.

We acknowledge that Lebanon is a complex and high risk environment in which to do business, but the testimonies of our clients show that we can provide the support needed to help regional and multi-national corporations make informed decisions and gain a better understanding of the market, regulatory, and competitive landscape when looking to enter or invest in a country such as Lebanon. Whispering Bell focuses on providing corporations and investors with comprehensive solutions that address both the political/security risk needs, but also the market/financial implications of activities in country as well.

The types of security and business advisory services that Whispering Bell provides in Lebanon include:

  •   Political and security risk advisory
  •   Market research, commercial due diligence, partner vetting and feasibility studies
  •   Threat and risk assessments
  •   Secure journey management and in-country facilitation
  •   Embedded security consultants
  •   Technical cyber security solutions

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