RANE’s Network of Risk Experts Passes Milestone

Global database reaches more than 4,000 risk experts, ranging from individual practitioners and specialized boutiques to large, diversified firms

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) announced today that RANE’s network now reaches more than 4,000 leading risk experts and service providers around the globe, providing RANE clients with access to world-class, pre-screened resources that complement and significantly extend their own professional networks.

This global network of risk experts is selected and vetted by RANE, with coverage across six major risk categories:

  • Safety + Security
  • Cyber + Information
  • Legal + Regulatory
  • Diligence, Business + Geopolitical Intelligence
  • Governance, Risk + Compliance
  • Medical + Psychological

RANE maintains this database to help efficiently procure services for clients.

“RANE taps into this network of experts to help clients find the right resource for their risk issue at the right time,” said Steve Roycroft, CEO of RANE. “We’re excited to build on this milestone to connect clients with leading experts around the world who can assist with their most pressing risk challenges.”

RANE also provides clients with actionable risk market insights, drawing from the collective wisdom of RANE risk experts by curating their publications and creating original content across a broad range of risk topics. In addition, RANE holds exclusive virtual and in-person events featuring experts from the RANE network who share a range of perspectives, best practices, and actionable strategies for addressing emerging risks.

Before they are added to the network, RANE experts undergo a comprehensive screening process that includes a global negative news check, background checks across law enforcement and regulatory watch lists, and verification of licenses, employment, and educational background, as well as client and peer review of stated expertise.

“Being part of the RANE network has been a terrific marketing channel for our firm,” said Nathaniel Fick, CEO of Endgame. “RANE’s platform and events provide great visibility to a target audience of senior level risk professionals, where we can promote our expertise and educate and engage with RANE subscribers.”

RANE regularly adds experts to the network with broad diversity across risk categories and geographies. Some expert firms recently added to the network include:

Endgame (https://www.endgame.com - Arlington, Virginia)
Endgame is a leading endpoint security platform that enables enterprises to close the protection gap against adversaries by preventing advanced attacks and detecting and eliminating resident attacks. Endgame transforms security operations teams and incident responders from crime scene investigators into hunters that prevent damage and loss, and dramatically reduces the time and cost associated with incident response and compromise assessment. Our IOC-independent platform covers the entire kill chain, leveraging machine learning and data science to uncover, in real-time, unique attacks that evade traditional defenses and respond precisely without disrupting normal business operations.

Whispering Bell (https://www.whisperingbell.com - Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Whispering Bell provides on-the-ground collection and analysis of political, security, and financial developments in the Middle East and North Africa. Whispering Bell rapidly expanded its offerings across the region in support of oil and gas, critical national infrastructure, energy, telecommunications and government clients in complex and high-risk environments. The British and Arabic origins of this company affords them the flexibility and cross-cultural understanding necessary to develop long-term, sustainable solutions for clients, primarily in performing market entry/research, due diligence, counterparty vetting, and security assessments. Their primary objective is to provide a quality service delivered on time and within budget.

Cascade Asia Advisors (http://www.cascadeasia.com - Jakarta, Indonesia)
Cascade Asia Advisors is a business intelligence advisory firm focused on Southeast Asia. They deliver privileged intelligence on key stakeholders and target investments in jurisdictions with extensive patron-client relationships, elaborate webs of family investments and widespread use of questionable business practices among several other layers of potential risks. Their suite of market intelligence and risk management services enable clients to modify their business planning according to current on-the-ground conditions. They deploy analysts that are local to the country and capable of tapping both senior and grass-roots channels to provide the quality of insight to confidently seize market opportunities and respond to complex market realities.

About RANE

RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) is an information and advisory services company that connects business leaders to critical risk insights and expertise, enabling risk professionals to make more informed decisions and more efficiently manage complex risk. RANE provides access to, collaboration with, and unique insights from a global network of credentialed risk experts. Through curated network intelligence, risk news monitoring, in­-house analysts and subject matter experts, and collaborative knowledge-­sharing events, RANE helps subscribers get the information and expertise they need to address their most pressing risk challenges. RANE has offices in New York, NY, Boston, MA, and Washington, DC. Learn more at www.ranenetwork.com.