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Whispering Bell`s market research and risk-mitigation team, has over the past 2 months commissioned a series of reports covering the project and infrastructure-based business opportunities for international companies throughout the greater Middle East. In leading with a highlighted report covering the impending business opportunities in Qatar related to the 2022 World Cup, our research staff has also conducted reports covering the Saudi Arabian, Kuwaiti, Omani, Bahraini, and Iranian markets as well. "With over $200 billion in projects coming down the pipeline in these 5 markets alone, we feel that multinational corporations in the infrastructure, staffing, construction, and financing segments should be establishing in-country footprints and registering with the proper authorities now to take advantage of the significant uptick in projects we're seeing in the short term," said Bassam Ghellal, CEO of the firm.

"With global growth rates plateauing as they are, one of the few contiguous markets where we're seeing solid growth rates is the greater Middle East market-and with oil prices inching higher, we expect these will only increase," said Ghellal. While the specifics of each of the six markets differ, the broad outlines of impending projects revolve around a few key market segments, to include low and medium income housing, transport infrastructure, power, and hydrocarbons. Key "catalytic" initiatives that drive many other projects totaling over $200 billion include:

This global network of risk experts is selected and vetted by RANE, with coverage across six major risk categories:

  • Qatar 2022 World Cup
  • Kuwait's Clean Fuels/New Refinery initiatives
  • Oman's Fiver Year Plan and the related Oman Rail and Salalah/Sohar/Duqm Port Project
  • Gulf Development Program
  • Iranian National Petrochemical Company investment development program

The following reports are available to download from the Middle East Business Opportunities page or following the links below :

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